The future of Martial Arts Instruction.

We are proud to introduce you to ABLE technology, the revolutionary way to learn Martial Arts in the most effective way possible!

Have the flexibility to train anytime and anywhere you want!

Know in Real Time, how far you are from your next rank, and what you need to practice to get there faster!

Missed or forgot a critical lesson… No Problem!

What is ABLE?

ABLE is the first ever comprehensive Learning AND Fulfillment Platform created for Martial Arts.
ABLE stands for Aptitude-Based Learning Extension and is based upon the groundbreaking concept of “Challenge-Based” progress.

What is an
Learning Extension?

  • Aptitude-Based Learning Extension is the first-of-its-kind system where students can
    customize their Martial Arts experience based upon their individual needs.
  • Through decades of research, experimentation, and implementation, ABLE technology has
    refined all the skills required to earn Black Belt to a specific set of physical challenges.
    Each challenge requires Poise, Precision, and Power and becomes progressively more difficult as you ascend the Belt Ranks.
  • By creating this, ABLE has made the opportunity to attain Black Belt more accessible to everyone.
    If you have the Mental Fortitude and the Indomitable Spirit, then you should be able to tackle the Martial Arts on your terms!
  • With Aptitude-Based Training, you can speed through the challenges you have the talent for while
    spending the necessary time to master the challenges that prove to be more difficult.
  • With ABLE, you are able to customize your journey to Black Belt!

How does ABLE benefit me?

For the first time ever,
every member can see the
entire path to Black Belt laid
out complete with every:

  • Challenge demonstrated to the ideal competency level
  • Detailed Education Videos customized to the subject matter required in each Challenge
  • Pre-recorded “Skill-Builder” classes that you can follow along with to
    develop the necessary skills to master each specific Challenge

Your classes will coincide
with this Learning Path
so that:

  • You will always know what you need to practice
  • You can always look back on classes and curriculum that you may have missed or need additional help
  • You can even look and study ahead to advance through your ranks even faster!
  • You can upload videos of you performing the challenges to save a permanent record of your journey

How does ABLE work?

ABLE can broken down
Into the following

  • 5-Star Challenge – Every Challenge has a “5-Star Demonstration.” This simply is an example of ideally
    how you are to perform the challenge.
  • Tutorial Videos – In the Challenge Tutorials Section you can watch an overview of the 5-Star Challenge
    as well as in-depth education videos designed to help you master every aspect of the Challenge.
  • Video Upload – After you have adequately practiced, film yourself performing the Challenge and upload
    under the appropriate challenge.
  • Star Rating – Your instructor will grade your challenge and you will receive anywhere from 1 to 5 Stars
    along with comments.
  • Progress Meter – For the first time ever, you have a Progress Meter which provides a real-time indicator of
    how far you are from your next belt!
  • Leaderboard – Now you can also compete against every other student within the Achieve Martial Arts Family!
    Our Leaderboard keeps track of all students’ progress. Will you top the Leaderboard?

What members are saying about ABLE technology

“This technology is amazing! I have a very demanding schedule and I can’t make my lessons as
much as I want to. Now, I never miss anything, and I am progressing better than I ever have before!”


“This platform is a game-changer. I like that I can progress at the pace I want. One thing I don’t like about group classes
is that I usually feel slowed down by everyone. With this challenge based system, I can put as little or as much time as I want each week.”


“There have been so many times after classes where I would go home and not know what to work on.
There have been so many times where we haven’t gone over something in class for a few months and I forget how to do it,
but since it’s required for my next belt, I have to know how to do it. Now I have access to everything that I have ever learned
so I can keep track of everything I need to practice. I wish this was invented 3 years ago!”